This How I Prepared for GRE Exam (3 Steps)

3 Step GRE Exam study plan – Written by Sameer

  1. Raw Skills : Know Where do you stand?
  2. GRE Exam Preparation
  3. GRE Sample – Practice, Practice and More Practice

Raw Skills – Know Where do you stand?

It is important to clear the misconception from within. You should have been exposed to English that’s good but may not be enough to crack the GRE test. You must know what your current level of skills (Verbal, quantitative and Analytical writing).

You need to find where you stand and prepare your GRE Exam study plan accordingly. Hence, give Practice test. Infact there are Diagnostic Mock GRE tests on websites like Kaplan. Get registered for free and attempt Diagnostic test and Diagnose your performance.

Actual – GRE Exam Preparation

Get your resources from 2-3 different good resources. Joining an Coaching center is ok, but not compulsory. There are good resources online. Some of them are below at the end of this write up. With New GRE Exam Changes in 2011, you have to change your preparation steps.

GRE Practice Exams and Practice

Taking GRE Exam practice tests is the most important step in preparation. Practice and Diagnosis go hand in hand [ How to Improve GRE Exam Score] . Just writing series of mock exams won’t help unless you sit after each exam and diagnose how did you get a question wrong.

You must know your own pitfalls and avoid them in exam. There could be some sections that you do well. You need not worry much about them. Also, there could be questions you think you did well but you get them wrong. This is the point of contemplation. How you fell into the trap for a question? answer yourself.

Day before the Exam

Please note this,  Prior to Exam Day:

  1. Prepare well in advance to select your Graduate schools. Remember the correct Details of University,School,Department and Course names.
  2. When you are finished with your exam, GRE test software prompts you to select the University, Name, School names (in some cases), Department name and Course name the test center.

Useful GRE Exam Preparation sites

  • How to Memorize Barrons GRE Words
  • – create an account and do practice (only meanings Q’s are unlimited and other Q’s are limited- good to bulid ur vocab and test ur vocab )
  • : has a good collection of gre words aggregated monthly..they say these are Q’s from exam for that month… I have not verified the claim. they are pretty useful
  • : its the website . Its gives a good visual experience relating a jargon of words differentiating its shades.. you got to register here to use it fully, although a trail is available for limited use.
  • : this was my dark horse. I used this for looking up every new word along with synonyms and antonyms..It also gives the words usage and history.
  • : instant test and results on set of 10 Q’s
  • : i dont remeber if this was a paid site..just explore this as well.
  • : it has GRE preparations material
  • : it also has GRE preparation material

If you have any comments and questions, leave a comment to this article. Sameer is going to write series of articles about this experience.

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Guest Article By – Sameer, I’m doing Master’s student in Cleveland state univ. I have completed Bachelors in Computers from Osmania and  3 years with Infosys. Back then, when i was applying to schools I found the blog very informative and I would like to share my experience to other Happy Schools Blog Readers.

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  1. hello sir says:

    im a third year student..i need to know the formalities for writing gre..i know nothing about GRE..plz tell me in detail when i have to write n how to apply for this xam..

  2. ajay kapoor says:

    sameer can u plz put up the link for some sources as u've mentioned like kaplan…

    well i m athird year student of pharma….when shall i'd appear for the GRE test….?????

    expecting ur ans soon…thank u….

  3. raghu plz suggest me can i get i20 for my profile any universities are there in u.s in which i can get placed

  4. i m preparing for TOEFL. plz suggest me to the speaking section preparation.i m a hindi medium student and also suggest the cracking tips for TOEFL.i take the dade in mid jan 2010.

    • Dear abc,

      You have to know about something before you speak. There is a learning process to be followed for TOEFL. For you to speak fluently about a topic in the exam, you must have knowledge about the topic. So take a TOEFL preparation material >go through sample Speaking questions and practice them.

      Do the same for other sections on toefl.

  5. hi Mr.sameer

    nice way of paying back to this blog and also to many aspiring students

    yes it is real world of words to write gre and score above 1500


    it needs determination, commitment and zeal to fly high

    set a path of ones own, many have done it

    many will come to cross the records to rewrite

    thanks friends for your compassion in sharing what you have experienced and it is the well traveled path

    that will lead many to glory

    thanks sameer and HSB

    with gratitude