Top 100 Universities in USA

Here’s list of top 100 universities in USA. But, if you look at the list of universities, you will not find some of the best colleges and universities.

So, you will wonder based on what criteria this top 100 universities in America is listed.

Top 100 Universities in USA

You will have to scroll all the way to end of the article  see the ranking criteria for Best Colleges in USA.

  1. Harvard University
  2. University of Virginia
  3. University of Michigan
  4. Cornell University
  5. University of Washington
  6. Stanford University
  7. University of Wisconsin-Madison
  8. University of Florida
  9. Yale University
  10. Duke University
  11. The University of Arizona, Tucson Arizona
  12. Columbia University in the City of New York
  13. The University of Utah
  14. Princeton University – Welcome
  15. USC – University of Southern California
  16. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  17. New York University
  18. Boston University
  19. The University of Texas at Austin – Web Central
  20. Purdue University
  21. Northwestern University
  22. University of Pennsylvania
  23. University of Colorado at Boulder
  24. The University of Chicago
  25. Arizona State University
  26. University of Miami
  27. The Ohio State University
  28. The University of Iowa
  29. The University of Maine
  30. Utah State University
  31. University of South Florida
  32. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  33. University of California, Berkeley
  34. Clemson University
  35. Northeastern University
  36. University of California, Davis
  37. The University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
  38. The Pennsylvania State University
  39. North Carolina State University
  40. University of Minnesota
  41. The Johns Hopkins University
  42. University of Massachusetts Amherst
  43. The University of Maryland
  44. Florida State University
  45. Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
  46. The University of Akron : Home Page
  47. The University of New Mexico
  48. University of Kentucky
  49. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
  50. Oakland University
  51. University of Houston
  52. The University of Tennessee – Knoxville
  53. Louisiana State University
  54. Carnegie Mellon University
  55. University of California, Los Angeles
  56. Baylor University
  57. Ohio University
  58. Brandeis University
  59. Michigan State University
  60. Lamar University
  61. University of Pittsburgh
  62. University of California, Irvine
  63. Florida Atlantic University
  64. Fordham University
  65. Humboldt State University
  66. University of South Carolina
  67. Oregon State University
  68. George Mason University
  69. The George Washington University
  70. University of Rochester
  71. Creighton University
  72. Kansas State University
  73. Binghamton University – Home
  74. UC San Diego: Home
  75. University of Connecticut
  76. Virginia Tech | Invent the Future
  77. New Mexico State University
  78. The University of Kansas
  79. University of Nevada, Reno
  80. University of Wyoming
  81. University of Alaska Fairbanks
  82. Kennesaw State University
  83. Brown University
  84. University of Phoenix
  85. University of Missouri
  86. University of Delaware
  87. Mississippi State University
  88. Thomas Jefferson University
  89. Montana State University
  90. University of Denver – Home
  91. University at Albany – SUNY
  92. Georgia Southern University
  93. Portland State University
  94. Rice University
  95. University of Louisville
  96. University of Idaho
  97. University of Arkansas
  98. Andrews University
  99. Wake Forest University
  100. Suffolk University Homepage

Top 100 Universities in USA – Ranking

If you search in google for the keyword University, you will find above top 100 universities – schools listed. Google used its search algorithm to rank the best universities in USA. There were few other universities (like 5), which I have not included in the above list. Don’t you think its interesting to see MIT is not in the list? Think about it.

Part 2 of this article Top 100 Universities in USA talks about various factors used by US News to Rank Universities and why that might not help you in selecting universities.

Now, you have seen Best Colleges in USA.

Next – Does College and University Rankings Really Matter?


  1. Abigail F Shipley says:

    Quality of education in America was always the best compared to other countries. We have seen many students from around the world go to USA just to study and make a better future for themselves. This blog has given all Top 100 Universities in USA which would be very useful to every candidate who is about to take admission in USA.

  2. Hi,
    i just gave gre and my score is 315/340…nw will give toefl but all tofel dates are booked till 16feb…so m little confused what to do nw ..bcs if i give toefl in feb it will be too late to apply for universities…is it possible to apply without toefl score ? will submitt my toefl score later …is this fine with universities… can u please just tell me these things

  3. koteswara Rao says:

    hello sir, iam v.koteswara Rao(India, Andara Pradesh)
    can u say the total cost i.e(Tution fee,Living Expenses,Rental expenses,Rental expenses) for 2 years to study MS in US

  4. hello sir
    I want countinue my lesson in the U.S I come from the iran please help me

  5. prasannanjaneyareddy gopavarapu says:

    my name is prasannanjaneyareddy gopavarapu my education details is Inter CEC Degree PG MBA complete I am in trusted eligible or not eligible please send me sir

  6. Rakesh Reddy says:

    Hi HSB!

    I got a score of 292(Q-148, V-144), And i am yet to take TOEFL, can you Pls suggest some of the Universities which i will get the Visa. I have Background of BSc(computers) And MBA In hyderabad.


  7. rajesh005 says:

    DO we need to have good Programming skills to study MS computer science…Or can we pickup there itself while doing our MS>??

  8. peter mwakalinga says:

    I have complited a barchelor degree in computer engineering,but i want to advance my education in the united state of mamerica.i’m interesting in taking masterss of network security. So which universities z best for what i want???

  9. Hi! I scored 314/340 in GRE and a year’s work exp. I would like to know about all universities on west coast only which offers M.S. in Computer Science Degree.

    • Hi
      I noticed we have the same GRE score and I’m looking forward to studying MS in the west coast as well – somewhere close by LA would be preferable. And I’m looking for MS in Computer Science with specialization in Computer Networks.
      You can look up University of Southern California if you’d like.
      Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  10. I wonder why Loma Linda University is not in your list while in other lists is among the 20 best?

  11. i have completed my B.C.A and i am looking forward to do M.S in computer science.
    can u plz suggest some of the reputed universities for M.S and entire details.
    Thank you

  12. I need details of Universities which offers MS in database management systems.
    One of such university is Pace University which offers MS in Information Systems pacifying all of my criteria.

    Could you help ??

  13. Hi
    Am a nigerian and a gradguate of geology i wants to further my msc in project managment which of d us universities wil b best for my choice pls reply

  14. Yusuf maital alfa says:

    I want to pursue an MBA in an USA university, please which university do you recommend and chances of scholarship grant.

  15. i have a score of 282 of 340 in GRE new pattern ,does this score is sufficient for the universities or i have to take the test again.please reply me

  16. I want to study in usa , and i have done IB program which university is best in economics ??

  17. Pls what are the Top 15 schools where I can do an MSc in Structural geology in the US?

  18. hadi razmyar says:

    can i education psy.d at clinical psychology in univercity of usa?which univercities?

  19. hadi razmyar says:

    help me please for education in psy.d of clinical psychology

  20. bullshit article
    UV and UM over priceton, stanford and yale?

  21. Shakira Kelly says:

    Could you please advise which college’s have the best womans field hockey teams(NCAA)
    Shakira Kelly

  22. Nawale sachin ashok says:

    I would like to knw the top agriculture universities in us for ms.

  23. Nawale sachin ashok says:

    Sir i would like to knw the various courses offered for master’s in farm mechanization, agril processing engg, packaging technology.

  24. hi
    i wanted to know
    how is NJIT and SCAD for architecture graduate studies
    any body has idea about the rankings???

  25. netballgirl99 says:

    What is the top universities for psychology ?? p.s please answer

  26. I have admits from Oklahoma state University and University of Bridgeport for MS computer science which should I select

  27. Hi,

    I am M.Sc. in Biotechnology and 5+ years of experience in clinical research in India. i want to do PHD in US university. Please let me know how to apporach for PHD in all US universities reletd to my field.


  28. Sundar Raj says:

    My daughter got admit in University of Maryland, Baltimore -UMBC for Fall 2012 for MS – Information Systems. She is B.Tech EEE with 2+ years experience in a MNC ITES company. I want to know the quality of education in UMBC, career prospects, living conditions for Indian students (abt racial discrimination etc). I expect valuable inputs from informed people of this blog. Thanks, Sundar.R

  29. Karthi says:

    I want to study in u.s. For m.s. Aerospace engg.

  30. Hi,

    I just wanted to know what is cost of living if admitted to USC for MS in CS (per year or complete)

    also I have got admit from UT Dallas, is it a good university,

    Nirav Nagda

  31. hii
    i am in my final year doing mechanical engg with a cgpa of 6
    i got 323 in gre(quant 170 verbal 153)
    can some 1 tell me good universities to pursue ms in US
    10th – 89%
    12th – 94
    do these percentages help in getting a good university and i have got some good pretty good recommendation letters from my professors

  32. I am a student of BDS in India, taking transfer to BS Biology in USA. My profile is as follows:
    WES Evaluated GPA:3.91
    Credits completed: 92
    SAT: 1900 (Critical Reading + Maths= 1310)
    TOEFL: 108

    I have applied to 11 universities and so far got accepted from 4; Mercer Univ, Ferris State Univ, Truman State Univ, Bowling Green State Univ.

    Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri has offered a scholarship of 5000$, which it has also mentioned in the I-20. Should I go with this university. Do you think Visa will be issued for this univ. I have strong financial background, but my elder brother is working on OPT after his Masters in USA and younger brother has also applied for transfer in BS Mechanical.


    Sir, I am a final yr. student of B.Tech- chemical engg. having cgp-7.25%, GRE-1320. TOFEL-112. I want study at USA either MS in petroleum engg. or MS in Please guide me which is the best for me and name of the reputed universities with good ranking for the same with total cost of courses

  34. hello..
    i got gre 300(v-142,q-158,awa-2.5) and toefl(80)
    can u suggest me the univ to pursue my m.s in vlsi do-mine.

  35. Iwebor Emmanuel says:

    i am a Nigerian,got second class lower division in computer engineering, Fed govt is giving out scholarship to study masters degree abroad in any chosen university,i want to find out if i am qualified to do my masters degree programm in any university in USA with the grade i had. my cgpa is 2.7 and i also have some certification on racle database and Aptech

  36. samarthkapoor says:


    I am samarth..i am yet to write gre n interested in pursuing ms in automation n control..plz help me out in finding the univ where i can apply for the more info will be highly appreciated..!! thank you..

  37. hi, i got 6.5 score from ielts and i want to apply for us universities, i am searching for full scholarship please help me

  38. I got 300/340 in GRE. and wants to apply University of Louisiana, Lafayette for PhD in System Engineering. Please suggest me if you knows anything about this University, whether it is good or not or if good then what are the chances?????

  39. Hi every one. please suggest me.
    I appeared in GRE and secured 136 in vebal and 164 in math. will anyone please tell me the equivelent score in previous scale ??

  40. My GRE score is verbal-146 and quant-147. Toefl score is 90. I want to do Ph.D. in life-sciences. I have done M.Sc and have good research experience. Can u suggest some good universities? What are my chances of getting admission?

  41. Hi iam goutham i have scored 290 in gre Verbal 140,QUANTS :150 and in academic I Have 71% And My Toefl score is 79 can anyone suggest some good universities for me with this range and my profile..?

    • me looking for computer science related or Information technology or cloud computing related course MS degree

  42. Hello,

    I have done my graduation and have 5 yrs of work experience in MNC (Software Industry and pharma industry), COuld you guys suggest me best course for my career and university along with the right test to take up, please advice me in this regard.

    Thanks in advance

  43. Hi,

    My GRE score is 314/340 (164-q, 150-v), my TOEFL score-102
    I have 1.5 years exp in Accenture (2 years will be completed in May 2012)
    I have 59.27 in BE Computers (65% in last year)

    Can anyone please suggest me Uni for CS in US, I want to do specialization in Database Systems.

    Please reply I am posting it for second time

    • hey neerav why u wanna do MS in database ?
      If now u are working in database then it is good for u otherwise i think you should jst switch to database and after experience u can do ur ms

      • hey yogesh,

        I am experienced now. working in accenture, but my interest lies in that.

        anyways can you suggest some universities and course that u think I can do in CS….Please

        • The University of Texas at Austin and
          North carolina are good univ if u are planing for Phd in future.
          and u can do Cyber security also
          that will help u a lot as u have experience and India is in need of such experts. . .

        • hmm..thanx

          I have selected following unis

          Georgia Tech
          U Texas Dallas
          NYU Poly
          Stony Brook
          george mason…

          Please tell me if some change is required or if some other univ. is possible…as I am getting late for applying to universities

  44. Hi every one i am new to this conversation? I have 6.5 IELTS I really want to do MBA in U.S.A, moreover there is no GMAT location in my place. And i dont have GMAT score, And I have one year teaching experience and few months of experience in Accounting. Could any one help me find admission in U.S.A or any other place(Europe) be it community college,university or college?. Sugesst me universities that dont require GMAT, I want to do my MBA on campus? please adviceeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Jazz,

      I found one university that exempt international students from GRE. so, once look at ‘New Mexico State University’. if you are lucky, the university may not ask for GMAT

  45. Hi,

    My GRE score is 314/340 (164-q, 150-v), my TOEFL score-102
    I have 1.5 years exp in Accenture (2 years will be completed in May 2012)
    I have 59.27 in BE Computers (65% in last year)

    Can anyone please suggest me Uni for CS in US, I want to do specialization in Database Management System,

  46. Hi Naman here,
    I got 149 in verbal (42percentile), 167 in quant (95 percentile) and 4 in Writing, my IELTS overall band score in 8
    My cgpa is 7.2 from IIT, 12th cbse 91%, 10th icse 87%
    I am applyin for MS in ocean engineering/naval architecture/coastal engineering
    what are my chances in say texas a&m, texas austin, john hopkins, UFlorida, Upenn (mechanical), Virginia Tech, UCB, MIT, UMICH?

  47. Hi jayanth here,
    i just finished my BBA(correspondance) degree in madras university
    is’t possible to study MBA in USA…(full time)

    & wat all exams i need to right now
    or both
    pls help me out of this

  48. Can anyone tel me the conversion of new gre score
    i got 283/340.

  49. plz help me out.I have 6 score in IELTS and 1000 in gre test. what are my chances to get the graduate admission in industrial engineering ? plz reply as soon as posible so that I can apply to different universities before the deadline and any other suggestions are highly appreciable… plz reply as soon as posible. thank you

  50. plz help me out………… i have score 292(136 v and 156 q ) score in revised gre test………….. ihave applied to rutgers university what are my chances to get the admission plz reply as soon as possible so that i can apply to different universities before the deadline……………and any other suggestions are highly appreciable………….plz reply as soon as possible
    thank you……………………………

  51. Name of the University

    Kent State University Kent, Ohio

    Arkansas State University,Jonesboro, Arkansas

    University of South Florida,Tampa, Florida. With accelerated pathway program of one semester- Tier 1 University.

    University of South Florida,Tampa, Florida. With accelerated pathway program of one semester- Tier 1 University.

    Midwestern State University,Wichita Falls, Texas.

    Dallas Baptist University,Dallas, Texas.

    Sacred Heart University,Fairfield, Connecticut.

    Northwest Missouri State University,Maryville, Missouri.

    Western Kentucky University

    “Oklahoma City University,Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

    New York Institute of Technology,Old Westbury,New York.

    New York Institute of Technology,Old Westbury,New York.

    Troy University, Troy, Alabama.

    Troy University, Troy, Alabama.

    Morehead State University,Morehead, Kentucky.

    Murray State University, Murray,Kentucky.

    Marist College,Poughkeepsie, New York

    Southern New Hampshire UniversityManchester, New Hampshire.

    “Mississippi College,Clinton, Mississippi.

    University of New haven, West Haven, Connecticut

    University of New haven, West Haven, Connecticut

    National University, San Diego, California

    National University, San Diego, California

    National University, San Diego, California

    “University of Bridgeport,

    Bridgeport, Connecticut.”

    “Gannon University

    Erie ,Pennsylvania”

    Northwestern Poltechnic University, Fremount, California

    “Long Island University,
    C.W. Post Campus,Brookville,New York.”

    Touro College New York City, New York.

    Robert Morris University, Moon Township, PA

    are any these universities good
    or any of above is good to apply
    my score is 960

  52. Rao Vangipurapu says:

    The following Universities identified by me.
    1. Univ of Minnesota Twin cities
    2. ASU
    3. UTD
    4. U of Cincinnati
    5. OSU
    6. U of Florida Gainsvelli
    7. U of California sandeago
    8. IOWA state Univ
    9. NC state Univ
    10. OHIO state Univ Columbus

    any safe universities are there in above 10 univs? If not suggest safe Univs for VLSI

  53. Rao Vangipurapu says:


    I am doing 4th year BE in BITS. My CGPA is 6.93. GRE 1230, TOEFEL:101. Planning to do MS in VLSI. Please suggest good schools for this program.

  54. hi …… i am planning for ms in digital signal processing or mobile communication for 2013 spring i did b.e in ece with 80% aggregate n i have written gre but its not good score as its 990 so planning to write once again wat is correct time to write and i need to know about schlorship

  55. Jennifer Lackland says:

    registration deadlines for the GRE

  56. Hello HSB,

    I have a GRE score of 1060 and expecting TOEFL in range of 90-100.. I have done my Bachelors in Electronics & Communications Engineering from Dharamsinh Desai University with 68 % aggregate, 12th-84% and 10th-70% . Also, i have done 6 month internship in Nokia Siemens Networks. And, currently working in Bombardier for past 1.5 years. I wanna apply for Fall 2012 in EE branch. Can you suggest me some good Communication field universities in US- Digital Signal Processing, Communication Systems, Wireless Communication etc.

  57. jolomi adebayo says:

    Hi am. A nigeria am interested in doing my msc in the u.s I read geophysics

  58. hi i am manojfrom nepal i have got 1410 in gre and expected to get 90 in toefl. i have passed BE in civil engineering.please suggest me can i get research assistantships?

  59. Hi,

    I have a GRE score of 1510 (V-710, Q-800,AWA-4) and TOEFL- 113. My CGPA is 8.34 out of 10 in Mechanical Engineering and I have 2 yrs work experience. I want to study masters but not sure in what exactly. It can be either Robotics, Automotive engg or Engineering Management. I will be applying for fall 2012 but I am not able to shortlist universities. Time is running out. Any suggestions would be helpful

  60. I am interested in glass research,, which Universities in America has the facility to glass research?

  61. hai.i have completed pharmacy. i will give gre in dec. so plz send me best universities for m.pharm in USA.

  62. can anybody tell me about california state university for ms in electrical engg. is rightone. plzz reply soon

  63. i have 22 standing arrears in my engineering and want to join university of virginia. is it possible for me to join this university for my ms? plz kindly someone help me with this. plz provide me few details on how to manage to get into this university plz……..

  64. How about University of Toledo (UT) , Ohio?
    Is it good 2 pursue MS in Automotive Engineering there?

  65. Saai Kaushiik says:

    There are some very good universities in the list some of them like univ of texas, dallas needed to be in the list if it contains univ such as Lamar univ.

    May i know views about the univ univ of massachussets, dartmouth

  66. d overall univ rankngs r useless

  67. naseeroddin says:

    i am naseeroddin
    i have completed my B-tech ( Electrical Eloctronical ) and MSc in Computer Applications from University of Bedfordshire in london UK
    i would like to study Phd in wireless networking in USA, could you please sugest me which university is best for me

    thanking you

  68. Vidhi Kothari says:

    I would like to know the list of universities which require work experience to get admission for MBA program..and also how many years of experience do I need m currently completing my engineering..

  69. Vinay Bhandwalkar says:

    Hello Sir,
    Can you list the US top universities list for Computer Science .

  70. TAZO EMMANUEL says:


  71. i did GRE last month,scored 1410, 84 percentile in Q–750 AND 92 percentile in V—660,HAD 6.5 out of 7 in BSc. I will be grateful if I get list of IVY SCHOOLS and their GRE SCORES.

  72. i did GRE last month,scored 1410, 84 percentile in Q–750 AND 92 percentile in V, I will be grateful if I get list of IVY SCHOOLS and their GRE SCORES.

    • The ivy schls include, Yale, Harvard, Uni of Penn , Colombia, cornell, Brown, Dartmouth Coll and Princeton

      send me ur address

  73. esraa ramzy elhelw says:

    hi , excuse me, i need to know what are the pros and cons of the universities as i want to complete my study there in harvard or stanford or yale and i want to make a list of universities involving good reputation and good financial aids with majors and good place and weather , an any one help me?

  74. goutham says:

    im goutham pursuing my final year
    i got 1400 score in gre.. aggregate is 78%…….expecting 90 in toefl…can yu please suggest me the college
    i wnna do my masters in computers…!

  75. nemil shah says:

    i hv get 62% aggregate in degree comp engg ,nw i m in 4th GRE score is 1000, qant:660,verbal:340.I m preparing tofel xam.please help me top best university to pursur MS in USA.Also please suggest best stream for MS which hv hgh potancy for job in USA.plz plz help me.

  76. sir,
    i am studying final year
    my scores are
    i am preparing for toefl now , may be i am expecting above 80 in toefel

    please suggest me to chose the college which provide shcolership

  77. thanks buddy for the comprehensive explanation given to most questions that are on my mind like , low fees, climate, location, requirements and the rest. Thus, i will want you to kindly suggest a school that offers PhD in Economics for an international student will minimal fees.

  78. Kaustubh Harkare says:

    i am a mechanical graduate and i am interested in pursuing MS in industrial engg or mechanical engg. my GRE score is 1000 and i am preparing for TOEFL. So plz let me know that with a low score of 1000 in GRE will i get a good university for doing masters???
    if yes then which are the universities???? plz help..

    • esraa ramzy elhelw says:

      can you help me about universities in the USA ? . reputation , financial aids , majors and fees. please?

  79. i am javed iqbalt from pakistan i earned my bsc degree in physics with cgpa of 3.5 now i want to study in usa please inform me for the best department of physics in americn universities

  80. saidivya says:

    hello i am persuing my final year with an aggregate of 73% and my gre score is 1020.. which universities can i prefer for my ms with scholarship.

  81. sruthin chandra says:

    helo….i have got admit from university of bridgeport in masters biomedical engineering…….can u please tell hw the university and course could bee….

  82. pankhuri says:

    hi.i am a final year stucent of btech in computer science.i am looking for th course of engineering management.please suggest me good universities in usa

  83. Obinna Doris says:

    Pls i have in Environmental Technology, want to do my PHD in Environmental Technology/Engineering. advise me and tell me the university that will suit for my field.

  84. CAUBBI says:

    please what position is Globe University International

  85. i want to know unversities of USA which offer MASTERS in HVAC(heat ventilation and aircondtioning)

  86. Hi'

    i complit MSc .in Physics; how can i apply for ph.d in u.s? plz help me

  87. I hv B.Sc in geology and i want 2 do my master in petroleum engineering,pls help 2 guide 2 me.

  88. MANISH TIWARI says:

    I have completed my B.B.A. from the university of lucknow. I wish to take MBA from a reputed university in USA. Please guide……

  89. sushmitha ravella says:

    i wonder why MIT is not included in the list…..can anyone tell me WHY?????

    • Vamshi Krishna says:

      yeah even i dbout y mit is aint included its ranked 2 rite now after harvard!

  90. tazo emmanuel mbanwe says:

    i wish to study it in any university in the united state of America

  91. akowe mohammed umar says:

    i have national diploma (ND) in business administration with lower credit in grade. And i wish to do my degree programme in one of the universities in US. Please may i know the best university to apply for admission, the fee, what it entails to be there, and in an environment where i can work while studying?

  92. Nezin Sreekumar says:

    I have completed my B-Tech from the university of kerala. I wish to take MBA from a reputed university in USA. Please guide

  93. Hi

    I am very interested to do a masters/phd in energy engineering/energy management/energy efficiency/power engineering from an American University. I am a chemical engineer.Have given GRE(1130) & IELTS(6.5). Can you plz help me, which university I can apply and can get funding opportunity. Thank you very much.

  94. Hi,

    You have listed Portland State University in the above list. Is it a good university??

  95. shivaraj pandey says:

    hi everybody nameste! me shivaraj from nepal. i have just completed msc in physics with distinction . please help me to choose the university in us for phd program. i am preparing fpr gre examination. but it is necesary to choose 4 university before the exam. so plz help me….

  96. shivaraj pandey says:

    i am very happy for your information about the cretion to admit in phd program.

  97. I have finished the toefl and score 70 and would like to admit for MS or PHD program for physics. Which universities are best suited for me

    • Hellow Jeevan,
      atleast score 78 in Toefl and try to do general Gre with a minimum score of 1000 and apply in many universities. You may check the requirements of universities before applying. Never be sure with one or two universities if shown positive response at the begining.

  98. Anandamoy Rudra says:

    I am a research scholar, persuing PhD in Pharmacy ( Pharmaceutics). How could I apply for a post doctoral fellow (PDF) in USA.

  99. i scored 1350 in gre….quant-800 and verbal-550..

    i am in last year of my mechanical engineering with an aggregate of 73%



    i am confused as to which universities in usa i should apply for masters…

    can you help me shortlist some univ with my score in gre and my academic profile??

  100. Hi,

    Following are my scores:

    GRE:1230 (V:480,Q-750):AWA:Awaited





    Work Ex:2.5 years with an IT company as a Software Tester

    I am looking forward to apply for MSIT/MSIS (Fall 2011)course from US.

    Which universities should I apply to?

    Please guide

  101. v.parthiban says:

    i am studying final year ece,,,having…80 percent till now……i scored….1400 in gre…and 110 in toefl…which universites in us can i apply for further studies…that is ms….with scholarship

  102. Hi

    I completed my B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering and want to pursue MS from US

    my GRE score is 1000(V-310,Q-690), AWA 2.5

    toefl 102 aggregate – 68%

    12* – 86%

    10* – 88%

    which universities should i apply to ??

  103. mohammed osman says:

    hi there…what to know about good university in USA for my MS..

  104. hi sir

    I'm a msc student,Which university I could apply for phd in marine engineer?

  105. I have scored 1280 in GRE general test.I have complete my Masters degree in Medical Microbiology with distinction. Which Universities i could apply for PhD in Microbiology in USA to get admission With graduate assistantship?

  106. I've accomplished my +2 level in First division from Nepal. I am trying to select best University for my bachelor(BBA) and master(MBA). Please give me right suggestion and information about Universities in USA.

  107. i have low mark in my +2 level can i apply or not

  108. rajendraprasad n says:

    dear sir

    I have first class degree in electrical engineering & 1-6 years of industrial work experience as engineer .are there any universities in India ,USA OR UK provide M.Tech /M.S with my qualification

    Kindly refer & suggest your openion to my mail"[email protected]".

    Thank you


  109. Roshan khadka says:

    Hello, I have searching universities in USA for MS and Ph.D in plasma or solid state physics. Do you have any guidlines. I have scored GRE 1140 and going to give TOEFL exam on mid of November. I am trying in those universities which offer finnacial aid to me because i am from poor family but having great interest in Physics

  110. Techno Pat says:

    Hi. My GRE score is 1490 and I am doing graduation in E&TC. Please suggest good universities for Management in Information Systems or Telecommunication management or some university offering course in Engineering management?
    I know only Stanford and CMU.

  111. satish Babu says:

    hello, this is satish from india …i just want to determine my eligibility for admitting into various univs for fall profile looks like this

    gre quant -800, verbal -340 total- 1140 awa 2.5

    TOEFL -92(22 in all sections)

    now im pursuing my bachelors degree in electrical and electronic engg. with an avg GPA over 3 +

    i want to pursue my masters in electrical engineering with vlsi specialization ………. suggest me some gud univ i can get into in California and Texas states

    what are my chances of getting admission into univs like sdsu,georgia inst of technology,san jose state univ ,univ of Delaware ??

  112. mekan toshiyev says:

    hello. how are you sir ? i am from turkmenistan. my toefl score is 592

    and sat is 523. which universities can i choose for styding?

    can you give me advice?

  113. hi i am in my bpharmacy 4rth year 1st sem my gre slot i booked it on feb2nd na toefl im planning it to give in jan….can u tell me are there any universities that will accept my scores for sept2011 intake because as far as i know theres no chance of getting by august intake…..please kindly help me……!!

    • M. Avinash says:


      I completed my B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering and want to pursue MS from US

      my GRE score is 1000(V-310,Q-690), AWA 2.5

      toefl 102 aggregate – 68%

      12* – 86%

      10* – 88%

      which universities should i apply to ??

  114. krishna shah says:

    hi hsb…

    i have got the I-20 from uni of texas,Arlington… and probably would get from Florida State University and Uni of texas,Dallas…. i have applied for master's program in Biomedical Engineering…All the 3 uni have good ranking…But which woukd be the best according to u for taking up the admission??

    • you are self responsible and self matured. not only, arlington, dallas or florida, all the universities are equally respectable and reputed in the USA.

  115. Haarika Kanuparthy says:


    I have GRE Score of 1090 quant 600 verbal 490. TOEFL score 101, in biotechnology with 70% aggregate, 1 year experience. what are my chances in getting into

    1.Georgetown University

    2.Grand Valley State University

    3. Polytechnic Institute of NYU, Brooklyn

    For the above 3 which one do you think is a better option in terms of fees, jobs and curriculum??

  116. Hi
    I am a Mechanical Engineer and want to pursue MS from US or Singapore.
    my GRE score is 1240(V-510,Q-730),AWA awaited
    toefl next week aggregate – 70%
    12* – 80%
    10* – 75%

    which universities should i apply to ??

  117. hello sir,

    I completed my engineering with 64% and i have got 1020 in GRE(310- verbal, 710 quant) and 6.5 in IELTS. can you please guide me with the best universities in USA for which iam capable of. Are universities accepting IELTS withGRE in USA?

  118. Any idea about University of Pittsburgh? I see 2-3 university of Pittsburgh.

    Which is the best for MS in Computer science.Please advise.

  119. shaik afraz ahamed says:

    i need to know abt the rankings of texas arlington and niu university

  120. saikiran garimella says:

    i am a mech engg final year student . i wish to do ms in automotive engg in decent ranking univ which does not cost me much

  121. Its quite amusing to see that such wide difference of opinion remains with the students opting for masters in US for ranking system. Well, my research says that the ranking system has got the greatest diversity of factors being considered for. You can check the several links below, and I'm damn sure that the ranking can vary in hundreds.

    but it all resides with the individual to which one to opt and which one not to. And surprisingly till date i haven't got a single url that would provide me rankings based on the particular studies. What i believe is that, its better to consult your seniors or anyone who has a bit of experience or knowledge about it rather than going by ranking alone (implying ranking should be taken into account) :).

  122. hello sir

    could you pls give me top 5 university that offers Marine engineer and there Tuition fees?

  123. Zeeshan Swalaheen says:

    I like to know the top 5 universities of USA in economics.

    Regards, Zeeshan

  124. theolyn marufu says:

    i want to know the best universities that offer environmental law in USA

  125. This is one of the stupid ranking I ever seen.

    I would better rearrange it if you want it.

  126. hello sir, i want my master degree from new york city kindly inform me about best colleges it and fees and course detail offere best carrer option of college.

  127. hai, plz send me the universities offering masters in industrial pharmacy nd pharmaceutics for aug 2011 intake..i have got gud gpa nd toefl 95, gre 1170. i completed my B.Pharm n looking for a job now………

    waiting for a reply……….

    • go to msinus site wer u can get information on your profile evaluation and for selecting universities to apply……… all the best

  128. jithender reddy says:

    hai.plz send me the universities offering masters in industrial pharmacy nd pharmaceutics for spring 2011..i mean jan intake..i have got gud gpa nd toefl 104..gre 960…d can i get admission to Graduate School in USA without GRE ..tell me graduate schools that require oly toefl..

  129. hiiii…Im V.Harika presently doing my that is a bachelor degree…i want to do my masters in us..can u plzz guide me abt the universities which offers m.s area of interest is pharmacology and pharmaceutics..i have a good gpa and gre around about to take my toefl..plz do help me

  130. oni toluwalope mary says:

    good list,but are their bills fair for international students?

  131. please i am prospective international student.please i need to know the requirements of admission to study pharmacy and tution fees in these universities:1 university of missouri.2 university of of pnoenix. 3 universityof rochester. 4university of miami.5 boston university.6 princeton university.7 university of illinois .my second email address is [email protected]

  132. Please give me the list of Universities in USA for the following Profile:

    Bachelors %, Backlogs & Major: 80 % (0 B/L) & Biotech
    GRE: 1060 (780+280+3)
    TOEFL: 87
    Major willing to pursue: Biology
    Term Applying: Spring-2011
    College: KLU

    My preferred places are IL, MO, KS, NC and TX.

    I am waiting for your reply.

  133. Sir,
    I sincerely would be thankful in helping to know more about the top Teaching (It’s my major in Human Science) universities in US

  134. hitendra says:


    my gre score is 970, about to give toefl this month, my engineering avg is 61%.

    i am planning to study ms in engg. management what are the universities in u.s.a. that i can get into??

  135. How is Electrical Engineering in Bridgeport University?How do U grade it? Can anyone guide me? What is the general cost of apartments in Connecticut near the university?

  136. krishna gupta says:

    The list given above is for those who have zero knowledge about the USA………………..this list is joke of the 2010………JUST THINK "60.Lamar University"…………..DOES THAT DESERVE A BETTER RANK THAN "70. KANSAS STATE UNIVERSITY"………………..DO NOT BELIEVE THIS LIST………….DON'T BE FOOLS……….I REQUEST THE SITE OWNER NOT TO FOLL PEOPLE…………..

    • @krishna Gupta………..why are you attacking Lamar University ? you have no idea about US ranking………Lamar is a very good school for engineering & business. It deserves in between 100. Do more research.

    • It’s clear by the level of English that you speak that you could not get into Lamar. Besides, why are you taking this list so literally. The blog says the ranking criteria are for the universities with the highest rating in Googles search algorithm.

  137. Hi,

    i'm working in a BPO(MNC) and wanted to my masters in biological sciences in US.

    I have scored 70% in my graduation and done with graduation in 2008.

    Which entrance exam i have to go through to apply for studies will IELTs only do or need to GRE and TOEFEL done.

    Do i get any scholarships provided by the universities…

    Could u please suggest me what has to be my further steps to fulfill this desire.

    hope u reply me soon

  138. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to pursue MBA from clarkson University its in Potsdam, NY, any reviews/feedback on it, should i pursue or not as the overall rank of the uni. is not so good.

  139. RajasMore says:

    Dear sir,

    There is no point in looking at the rankings. People shld look at course work.If anyone is looking for good placements they have 2 kinds of university either University near industrial area or universities with good industrial partners. When you apply online to jobs after graduation mostly companies look at the course work grades and to the merit publications. Everything are dependent on coursework and efforts and interests. Efforts can be done after admission, 1st look at interest and university according to coursework.Dont go by trends of job. Form a strong network to get updates about vacancies. Then only ypou have better chance to win over so called recession.

    • Samir Gupta says:

      am Samir Gupta from Delhi (INDIA), i have qualified for MS in ASU and University of Minnesota for Electrical Engineering specialization in Energy and Power systems. I have recently completed my BE in Electrical and Electronics.Ihave following queries as it would be first time for me to USA and I hope if you could help me out,

      Which is better?

      1.As I have recently completed my BE, I dont have any work experience, so will it be difficult for me to get an part time off or in campus job.Can anyone help out?

      2. Is it easy to find accomadation for a newcomer inside or outside campus.

      3. Which one among them will provide me with good job?

  140. Please I am a final year student in Ghana.How can I get admission to Graduate School in USA without GRE after graduation

  141. on what basis did they rank these university without MIT

    • Nitu Mandal says:

      Please suggest me the universities where i can get the scholarship for a course of masters in TRANSMISSION LINE as i have completed Bachelor in Electrical Engineering.

      • Saroj Kayastha says:

        i am also trying for the same. if i come to know i ll let u to know and if u have any idea plz let me know

  142. suman soni says:

    I have completed bachelor in computer engineering and would like to do MBA .can you suggest me procedure to apply the good university in USA.

  143. hi,

    im doing my engg right now….im in my third year.i want to do am mba…so which are all t exams that i will require to take eg:gre,tofel,gmat…

  144. sir,
    i am doing my mechanical engineering. i would like to do my ms in petroleum engineering. i want to know whether a mech engineer can do his ms in petroleum? or is it only for chemical engineers.

  145. sir can you tell me gre cut off score for doing MS(cs) in kansas state university?

    • vinod kumar says:

      what is the good university for computer science program in ms..

      with a gre score of 1010(730+280)?

  146. which are the most reputable universities in USA having the credited Linguistic faculty?

  147. Please tell me university(s) which having good rate of placement.

  148. i wanna know the premier universities offering masters in Aerospace/Aeronauticles as well as their GRE n TOEFL score requirements. Is it better for an indian graduate in mechanical engineering to do masters in mechanical only or can he/she opt another masters program like Aerospace ???

  149. Where did u even find this list??

    UF at 8?? The list is filled with howlers!!! Stop degrading yourself to such an extent..

  150. this is the stupidest ranking i've ever seen.

    • sreeharsha says:

      sir, you said that this was the stupidest ranking u have ever seen-

      so please suggest me the list of top 100 universities according to their rankings.

  151. victor madubuko says:

    Sir please which are the 100 top universities in USA that offer radiography and oncology. God bless you

  152. rantidev shukla says:

    sir which universities may i apply for sure selection in PhD biological science with full funding. My gre score is 1200 and toefl score and 95

  153. sir which univ can i apply for sure admission with gre-970 and toefl-91

  154. Sir,

    As I am interested in admission in the Sawyers Business School of SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY but I have received admission calls from Hofstra university n Quinnipiac University also, I want to know where does Suffolk stand when compared to the other two.

    Secondly, what is the ranking of Suffolk University in Massuchusetts which has a number of good universities including Harvard.



  155. sir, what are the top 100 colleges fo BS Computer Science.

  156. baudhik says:

    which are the MBA universities out of these 100???

  157. Misleading Article.

  158. i really do no y there is name of the mit univ…..

  159. hi
    i required the information for admission

  160. MIT is not on the list because, it is the Mecca of Engineering accessible to less tha .001% on this planet in Engineering fields. Google search is by popularity. No doubt that makes MIT very unpopular!!

  161. hello sir
    i want the information about bank statement.
    the whole money i have to show only in bank account or can i show my land documents. if there is any chances please tell me how to use the land documents.